Annual Meelad Mehfil – His Holiness Haji Ghulam Haider Qadri


On the 12th of Rabi-ul-Awal of every Islamic year a grateful and glorified memory shines over the whole world and is commemorated by the entire Muslim world. Every faithful Muslim participates in celebrating such an honorable memory to praise Almighty Allah for the blessing and endowment of Beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

On 16th February 2011, a great Mehfil-e-Mawlid was held in Agaaz Marriage Lawns Lahore Pakistan under the presidency of His Holiness Haji Ghulam Haider Qadri (also known as Sarkar Haji Sb). Saqib Gohar was the stage secretary in this program. Qari Amjad Ali Bilali started the program with the recitation of Holy Quran and recited Naats in the honor of Beloved Prophet (Pease Be Upon Him) with his companions (Zahid Islam Qadri, Muhammad Owais Akram Qadri, Muhammad Ayyaz Qadri, Muhammad Waqas Hameed Qadri, Muhammad Tanveer Abid Qadri) in his unique style using duff. His holiness Haji Ghulam Haider Qadri and all the crowed enjoyed very much during the performance of Amjad Bilali Brothers.

Minhaj Naat Council, Shehzad Hanif Madni, Sheikh Zeeshan Qadri and others also recited Naat in this spiritual gathering. The program ended by the special prayer of Sarkar Haji Sb. This program was live broadcasted all over the world through the internet by Mohsin Ali Khushnood.

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